Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Flip Effect

I call it the flip effect, an obnoxious little term
Here goes what it coins,
whatever happens can unhappen
whatever goes up goes down

All perverts can go lay, self

How does it feel to be the most loved, a moment and then
the very next, the most hated
Sounds funny, it is. And then when it hits you, all you are,
you are left with no defense, and everything to lose.

Then it is through and all you are,
you are left with a mind in shacles and soul in tatters
Then when you break free and get a hold of self, all you are,
you stand alone in the middle of nowhere unsure of what it is.

There is always the next one,
but for the one that is just past, you lost.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Just a human..

I have been not honest. I have lied. I have cheated.
I have played on emotions, my way more than once.
Does that make me a rogue? I am just an ordinary human.

I have been truthful. Barely did an act that was not.
I have given myself in, never flinching about it.
Does that make me guileless? I am just an ordinary human.

I have been rude. To the point of bringing one to tears.
I have hesitated not hit dirt on faces without saying much
Does that make irritable? I am just an ordinary human.

I have been patient. Never flinched at that said or done.
I have been willing to wait to let that moment go.
Does that make me tolerant? I am just an ordinary human.

This is that I am. And if one were to expect to see the same me all times, you are up for a disappointment. I am no god. I am just an ordinary human.

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Friday, September 26, 2008


Too many things happened too fast in this professional life of five years. By the simplest measure, I have been a nomadic and no less when it comes to career.

I am not puzzled why. I do not hesitate accept a choice gone wrong, and move on. Choices work and at times do not. It is being a prized idiot to stick to a choice gone wrong for ego that ought to be non existent about self. And it is the same thing that I have done. But, finally things seem to settle down. This current vocation has been a year and counting, and it all seems like it would be couple of years ahead.

But, something inside does not seem stop working and look for choices. I look hard at myself and I know, I am yet to find the right vocation, lest I regret a day later that I would not want to. Till then I prefer being the nomad.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I am

Is this a significant day? I have not really cared much about the day any year earlier. Not that I do now. Well, I turn 27 today. Somehow, the number looks significant today.

When I look back, the number of people, incidents, and events are one too many to count. Yet, I can see a pattern. Perhaps, this is from the way I live life. I have never believed in half measures. I live life in extremes. This has been the thing few loath about and hmm, few love about.

Do I see this change, as life goes ahead? I see a remote chance none. This is the way I have lived my life, the only way I have done and can. There is no other way I know of, or would want know, and I can not lead life of some other. I am what I am, and this is what I am about.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Oh how I love!

Oh how I love this! I love this when day ends and darkness descends
With dark clouds hovering upon and when you were to sigh, in gloom
Sweet smelling breeze warms you up, makes you smile, wonder
Before it hits a high and clouds strew around to make a way
To lighten up your soul and that around you, with the full moon night

Oh how I love the night! when the moon is full and the breeze is high
When the winds swing around to tell tales unheard, unseen yet known
When the moon hits the prime, stares at and you are lost in a charm,
A charm you do not try resist with, makes you think, nostalgic
Of not just another night which you would love live again
And of this night, the moon lit, painstakingly beautiful, mirthful.

Oh how I love the charm! In the company of this honeyed zephyr
The true soul mate I have ever had since the dawn of the day
That has hit upon my lows with a vengeance to carve a high
To bring upon a long-lived smile that I have made my own
In this world I love, lead, live in the company of full moon night

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Monday, September 15, 2008


This is of a tale I grew upon, of being at a cross road, about having to make a choice, and then there is a parallel drawn, that with of life. A parallel of two choices, one that your heart pleads to, demands to, implores to and then there is the other.

And then this is of no tale, there is no other, it is us in constant search of it only to evade what your heart wants to do, and this we do under a constant fear, fear of failure. And as time passes by, how many of us dont take a look back, a look that of repentance.
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